Signature Brazilian Waxing

Usually removes all the hair so that you will feel smooth all over.

It will last for a couple of weeks compared to shaving.

Most clients will repeat waxing every 4 to 8 weeks and often resulted in softer regrowth.

Love de Beauteous uses mainly hot premium-graded wax which are suitable for clients even with sensitive skins.

Waxing here is treated with much caution and care.

Our experience therapists will guide you through on how the waxing procedure goes, with maximum hygiene, you will be left to wash up before your waxing session.

Waxing commences according to your comfort level.

Clients are ensured of the necessary info on the waxing process, as well as aftercare advice.

Other Waxing Services

Pink Brazilian - Uses serum & mask to reduce redness and prevent future hair grow

White Brazilian

Underarm and Upper Lip waxing